At CLK Techonolgy, our business principles are rooted in our personal faith and beliefs. We strive to deliver the best Quality, Value and Convenience to our clients with the best possible solutions.
CLK Technology aims to make getting and maintaining a security camera or surveillance system as easy as possible by providing all of your needs from one business. We custom design equipment placement for your home or business, supply computer accessories to make sure your computer takes full advantage of our security systems, and provide maintenance and repair services to keep your system running at top efficiency. A security system should make your life simpler, and that’s what we promise with our systems and our service.

We have been providing convenient, expert service for 5 years, so we know pretty much all that there is to know about security cameras and surveillance equipment. Over the years we have worked with a wide variety of clients on a different types of projects, including Residential, Warehouse, and Supermarket. We know what works and what doesn’t in any setting, and we can plan a system for your individual property that won’t leave you with unprotected areas and a lack of options that you need. But you don’t have to worry about excess gadgets and features you don’t want and won’t use. That is the beauty of a customized plan.

We also provide dash cams for property protection and security even while on the road. These cameras can take HD videos or still photos that can provide proof of fault in an accident and offer lane departure warnings and parking notifications to help you drive more safely. We offer these so you can use them for your personal needs or for securing your business’ fleet.

Contact us for a free quote on a customized installation plan for your home or business to:

  • protect the valuable people and things in your life
  • prevent a complicated dispute process should a crime or accident take place on your property
  • secure your assets from burglary, theft, profit shrinkage, and less than optimum business management